• We have come to the Temple in search of Time,

    Trying to come to grips with uncertain futures.

    I have brought my tears and hunger,

    And he has brought his fear and pain.

    God has abandoned us,

    And we fail to differ from the dust on the Mount.

    Untouched, and unclean from the Sin.

    I would go to Hell to bring him home,

    But the Serpent’s spawn stands in my way.

    He would bleed to sustain me,

    But God’s Hand has ripped away his humanity.

    We have been broken and remolded into complex shapes,

    And we emulate normalcy to sustain our lives.

    I am the Horrible One in White,

    And he is the Angelic One in Black.

    We have grown into everything they tried to stop us from becoming,

    The monsters that cannot exist in any one place at a time.

    He has come to exist outside of the realm of human understanding,

    And I have sacrificed my sanity to understand why.

    I could scream at the thought of what we are,

    But no one around us would even blink.

    They have said all they needed to,

    Leaving us in a vacuum of silence.

    Even as he weeps, all I can do is hold him,

    Having lost even my own voice in the silence of the Lamb’s shadow.

    We have done all that has been asked of us,

    And I will stand at Judgment without misgivings.

    He having sacrificed his free will for Those Chosen,

    And I haven given up my chance to live to Them.

    Humanity has sacrificed us to God’s cause,

    As we are nothing but expendable commodities.

    A fiendish breed, created in Man’s own image.



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