• a leaf fluttered a glided to the ground
    what a wonderful site
    changing colors
    they now lay apon the ground
    i am watching the tree closely now
    one servier
    one leaf will now flutter to the ground
    this bitter cold comes fast and slient
    with out a word
    with out a sound
    a peaceful white blanket of snow
    comes gentaly down
    how beautiful this color of snow
    i watched it glisten and gleam
    it was the prettiest shade of white i ever will see
    i run out side and look at the tree
    that little leaf is still there
    i smiled then as i still do now
    to remeber that servieing is a gift
    but easily missed
    its always taken for granet
    but i respect ever long lasting minuet of it
    in my mind that leaf taught me a lesson
    it takes streangth to make it
    it takes you to be brave to want it
    over all i live my life the way i can
    not for a second should you regret why you are yourself inside