• We were never being careful
    Because the fire strikes at home and catches on the curtains
    Grease fire lights up the curtails and coattails
    Cocktails and wine dress for the parties

    Fill yourself with silent screams
    Screaming the night away
    Last thing we felt were the burning cigarettes
    Mix that with the lilacs

    Can you fill your lungs with sweetened smoke?
    Can you take your bullshit down a notch?

    Just relax! Relax!
    Pull back my collar
    Good boy now sit
    I still have to finish my cigarettes
    Relax! Relax!
    Pull back your collar
    Heel boy now sit
    Wait men! Wait there!
    We still need to fire up the lilacs
    Let the burning lilacs
    Sweeten the room
    And we can escape
    We can escape and relax