• You’re always there,
    you’re always haunting my mind,
    you’re the one I love so much,
    I loved you so much that I couldn’t tell you,
    you asked me over and over again,
    I gave you the same answer, “No,”
    now that I think back I’m so surprised,
    why didn’t you just give up on me?

    I was so stupid; I didn’t know what I was doing,
    I knew I would have to leave you,
    so I didn’t want to get too attached,
    I didn’t want to hurt you,
    now I wonder if it was the right thing to do.

    Now that I am apart from you, I can’t bear it,
    I just wish I could say sorry,
    but all I have left of you is memories,
    I remember all of the good times we had,
    all of the stupid stuff we did,
    how much you truly loved me,
    I’d do anything to see you again,
    to hold you in my arms,
    but those memories of you is all that I’ve got……