• How I grow ever weaker each day I live without you,
    I know I’ll never be able to see you again,
    but I hold on as tight as I can,
    and wish upon every star and fallen eyelash,
    that I’ll be granted my wish.

    I know that you live 800 miles away,
    but you will always be close to me in my heart,
    and I hang on to that one wish,
    that everyone says will never happen,
    and sometimes I doubt if it will ever happen,
    as I think of all the negative things,
    but even so I hold on as tight as I can.

    My dreams tell of the times we spent together,
    and things I could only wish to happen,
    yet I hold on tight.

    And even though it has been years I still remember,
    your smile,
    your face,
    and how you have always loved me,
    yet I can't imagine things like that to ever happen again,
    for it feels as if you were the only one,
    yet I hold on as tight as I can.

    I have heard people tell me how nice and beautiful I am,
    yet no one has ever come even close to how you made me feel,
    how you told me exactly what I wanted to hear.

    As I sit next to the window feeling like this is the worst I ever felt,
    as the tears start flowing,
    and it feels like I can't stop,
    I just think of your smile,
    and the tears stop as my teeth start to show,
    so I hold on as tight as I can and think maybe,
    maybe one day I’ll be able to see you.