• When he say here he saw a beautiful princess,
    The others mainly call her the Ice Mistress,
    Her wondered why the ice,
    Was it because she wasn't nice,
    She's trapped in a world of nothing but white cotton,
    The sad, and lonely Ice Maiden,

    He soon mets the maiden of ice,
    Looking into her frozen eyes,
    She doesn't feel his love for she has no emotions,
    Her world was so cold and frozen, spinning in slow motion,
    He felt her, she was so cold to the touch,
    But he doesn't care cause he loves her so much,

    Her eyes full of tears,
    But they only freeze and disappear,
    Her heart was alone and so old,
    That's why the Maiden was so cold,
    But he saw there was more to unfold,

    His kiss finally melts the frozen cold,
    Then he finds her beautiful heart of gold,
    Protecting her in his arms,
    Always keeping the maiden warm,
    Soon he saw something beyond her beauty,
    A smile on her face show she was happy,
    As he watches her beauty go above and beyond,
    He sees the maiden become a beautiful swan.