• love is somthing that one can stay close to,
    love is somthing that can never be broken,
    love by and by is just a faint description of how i feel for you,
    and for my love to you i give you a token,
    i know whenever i see you with her or with him,
    i know that that feeling i once felt so close to will never be like before,
    i know that ive been missing you all of my life,
    so now i lay here awaiting you alone in strife,
    if i could id bleed my love to you,
    id cut and slash my way through hundreds just to see you,
    my love how i wait for you,
    for your love is one of affection, of ecstacy
    i pass by you my love i pass,
    but you never, never! gave me even the slightest glance,
    so i give you a chance for this my love i give you my romance.

    YAY how you like dat yeah i know its not as sad as my previouse one but you know what its still awsome right? right? -_- sigh im bored >.< bored >.< STILL BORED DAMNET (i think i tooted a little) yeah umm ok cheese_whine WHAT IS WITH THE WINE AND THE CHEESE WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THAT I MEAN REalLY WHEN THE HELL WiLL I EVER TaLK TO SOMEONE AND WANT TO PUT IN THAT ONE icoN, "o yes i was having a lovely day O i almost forgot WINE AND CHEESE YEAH ERMMPTH WOOOT GO WINE AND CHEESE ^+^ LOVE IT CUz IT GIVES ME THE SQUIRTS -_- crap did i just say that out loud opps 3nodding (maybe they just skipped ha no one would skip this right? right DAMNET IM DOING IT AGAIN screw this im gonna go watch porn