• Whats going on with in these walls
    I fell depressed and yet i dont know why
    Something is happening and i dont know what
    Why do i fell this way
    Why do i fell like i should cry
    Why is everything so missed up

    I fell sad
    But yet Im happy
    I fell alone
    but yet there are some who are there.

    What is going on with in these walls
    Why am I felling this way
    why do i not care?

    All my life Ive been doing nothing
    Ive been letting other chose for me
    I was afraid and yet I dont care

    My minds going away and soon I will be an empty shall
    Who would be there when i take my last empty breath
    My last empty thoughts

    No one but the things i fear.
    The things I have stand up to for time and time again
    things that i swore would never have control

    But I shall give them a feeding that i can not yet understand
    Destruction oh how the word sounds
    An evil little laugh goes off in these walls

    Destruction is what they crave and is now what i crave
    To destroy everything that has hurt me in so many ways
    Beware to you all for the day will come

    Not today and not tomorrow but soon my little pets
    will break away form these little walls and soon they well feast
    feast on everyone that has ever hurt me in so many ways.