• I stand quietly on this cold dark road,
    So little love to be found.
    I wish only to find a girl who would love me.
    She would be my everything.
    My life, my love, my girlfriend atleast.
    But this world is so divided,
    And hatred flows free like rivers.
    Where has the love gone?
    And then I see you,
    You stand there before me.
    A smile on your face,
    And love in your heart.
    That's when I knew who you were.
    You were sent by God,
    An answered prayer.
    The embodiment of love for all,
    Especially this lowly sinner.
    You wakl with me through all things,
    And you give me your heart.
    You say it's magic,
    I say it's true love.
    And as the years go by,
    We still stand together,
    And that day is drawing near.
    I ask you, " Will you marry me?"
    With a tear-streaked face.
    You smile and nod,
    Too happy to uttter a word.
    Time seems to fly by and you are pregnant,
    My son and daughter you hold.
    We are on the alter,
    Which is showered with gold.
    Your favorite color.
    The preacher smiles as he asks us now.
    "Do you take this man, do you take this woman?"
    And we say together, "I do."
    As we move for the kiss,
    We hear a voice ring out,
    "I missed!"
    You fall to the floor,
    Your white now red.
    With tears in my eyes I watch you go.
    Violence will always be our one true foe.
    We were going to fight violence with love,
    Preaching the word from up above.
    I'll keep on were you can not.
    All because you got shot.


    I'm sorry Lord for my unclean heart. My selfish ways and the pain I've caused. Please forgive me for I have sinned. please save her.