• Rudolf
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    Christmas is coming, get your holiday cheer
    For this time around, Santa is here.
    Gaians unite and enjoy this wonder
    Of a christmas event once gone a blunder.

    Citizens smile and help Ol' St Nick
    Change from a cow to his usual Schtick
    During his time away however
    One citizen in the dark, took over his power

    To make it known to all that good was to be done
    and if you were naughty, your neck would be wrung
    Smiles he had for good of the heart
    and evil would make his hidden eyes dart.

    For a vigilante is but a hero with self-cause
    His was justice, and hearing applause.
    Slick and mysterious he left no name
    The torture of it just added to fame

    For those who sited him saw nothing but red.
    And those who didn't were quietly in bed.
    For on christmas the roof would be a clatter
    The next morning he would listen to laughter

    Of children in the homes, young and old.
    In this young man the tail was told
    The hero was Rudolf of no better name to be had
    The one christmas cheer to make all thugs sad

    For they knew on the day if they were naughty or nice
    Because the vigilante checked his list twice.
    So if you should do wrong this time of year
    Watch your back, because Santa's not here.