• Behold, the dark and mangled heart
    stained with dried red-blood
    Moon cries tears
    of pain and fear
    before he fades to Black

    Run, to hide and not be found
    hiding our dear Sun
    Mother Earth falls fast
    her screams not long to last
    as Oblivion claims her soul

    Fly now, Eternity and Twilight
    to save the infant Sun
    the Abyss crawls so near
    so do not dare fear
    or the Sun will too fade to the Black

    Sun, now it grows to gain vengence
    to fight for the captured Star
    his arrow shan't miss
    and kill the Abyss
    as he liberates the newfound Star

    Shame, the betrayal of the bright new Star
    tears the Sun's heart out
    he is dim as can be
    from Eternity's view point you'll see
    Star's knife through Oblivion's heart

    The Sun, is renewed with Star's confession
    the betrayal was a ruse
    climb Black's large castle
    prepare to do battle
    with allies: Eternity, Twilight and Star

    "Die!" cries the horrid, insidious Black
    blade set to destroy the Sun
    with a scream and a twist
    the blade narrowly missed
    the heart of our heroic Sun

    Black, stricken down yet not fallen
    shifts to a hideous mass
    bones gone awry
    as he climbs to the sky
    the final battle is at hand

    Steady your hand oh dearest Sun
    your blade, swing strong and true
    slice through the dark
    your sword's met its mark
    the Black now fades away

    Rejoice, the triumphant Sun returns
    to brign back our old light
    old friends reunited
    and all are excited
    as the kingdom is now at peace