• The sun slowly creeps down to the Earth, making it time for me to feed. I opened my eyes, noticing that it was night. I opened my coffin's lid to step out on the dusty floor. Catching my balance, I flit to cracked window and then opened it. The wind gusted pass, letting my hair blow. Concentrating on the voices in the distant, I looked up the dark vacant street to find someone crossing. I jumped down from the two-story high building while landing on my feet. My bloody red eyes glowed as I quietly flitted towards my victim. Hiding, I find my victim at her destination trying to find something. In seconds I threw her into conscience, I then picked her up in my arms and flitted into pure darkness. Days and nights, I didn't feed but she still didn't leave even when she had the chance. She would wait for me to wake, just to see if I was even real. I feel deeply in love with her while knowing that I couldn't leave her this way forever. At times, I would hold her tightly until' she falls asleep. I knew that she loved me for I was and that's what made my decision. Closely as I was to her, I was still afraid to hurt her until' one night...I lost control of my thirst, Slowly, I pulled my fangs out and then she was mine. Blood rushed from her neck but I still kept feeding. I knew that she want this so that she could be with me for eternity. We both loved each other and this is our own
    Vampire Love.