• You can keep your Hallmark holiday,
    your fancy little cards.
    Keep all your tinsel,
    hang it up by yards.

    Keep all your egg nog,
    and your silly little tree.
    It all may be very pretty,
    but it just isn't for me.

    I'm a girl of a different religion,
    one that's old and true.
    One that honors the Earth,
    and may seem strange to you.

    I celebrate the Solstice,
    worshiping the Great Goddess,
    for all that she is given us,
    and for being so modest.

    I'll dance a round a fire,
    while you light one in your home.
    While you unwrap your presents,
    In the forest I will roam.

    Though colored lights are appealing,
    when on the roof they are strung,
    I prefer the natural lighting,
    of the moon and of the sun.