• [Psycho Donoxi]
    Well hello boys and girls
    come on and see the show its the mystical magical great
    Dark Carnival
    open your eyes and walk into the house
    cuz right now its about to crazy
    the halls of mirrors look into'em please
    lets lock you down and throw away the keys
    so put your soul on the murder go round and we'll strap
    you down and spin you to Obllllevuoinn
    I spike for your neck
    with my ninja blow gun cuz i be the juggalu-luga-luga gotta lot of shogun
    i swings my sword and cut you in two
    and right before you fall I b***h slap both of you
    SO look into the mirrors and see what you will be
    when it should of it could of it would a been real but you
    had to ******** up the whole deal
    so look into the mirror and see how you will die
    for eating your children and beating your wife till she crys

    [Dark Nightmare]
    You walk in and see two kids on the floor
    They playin Nintendo and he's got tha high score
    And sittin behind them chillin in a chair
    Is your wife, when ya look, oh, you ain't there
    It's some other man in the hand in hand
    Now she looks so happy you don't understand
    See this is an illusion, it never came true
    All because of you!

    [Psycho Donoxi]
    Back to reality and what you're about
    Your wife can't smile cuz ya knocked her teeth out
    And she can't see straight from gettin hit
    Cuz you're a fat ******** drunk piece of s**t
    But it's all good here, come have a beer
    I'll break the top off it and shove it in ya ear
    Just remeber that when you die you hear
    welcome to the halls of MiRrOrS!!

    [Chorus (2x)]
    Welcome to the Halls of mirrors
    thats the last thing before you die you hear
    This is all ebcause of you
    What you got yourself into

    [Psychi Donoxi]
    Look who's next it's Mr. Clark
    The dirty old man from the trailer park
    You got your ticket? Thanks take your coat off
    And later on, why not, I'll rip your throat off
    And when you get to the end you'll find a chair
    You see all the blood, yeah your boy was just here
    We get all different kind of people comin through
    Richies, chickens and bitches just like you
    In the Halls everybody gets a turn
    To sit and witness your reflection before you burn

    [Dark Nightmare]
    What do we have here, oh yeah, no way
    It looks like your kids and they okay
    Your daughter's chillin up in college top grade
    And your son's a ******** doctor, phat paid
    They got families and kids and it's all good
    They even coach little league in the neighborhood
    Is this true have ya really seen tha holy ghost?
    Nah, b***h, not even close!

    [Psycho Donoxi]
    Back to reality your son's on crack
    And your daughter's got nut stains on her back
    And they both ******** smell like s**t
    And live in the gutter and sell crack to each other
    When they were kids you'd beat em and leave em home
    And even whip em with the cord on the telephone
    And that reminds me man hey ya gotta call
    Watch your step to Hell...it's a long fall!

    [Chorus (2x)]
    Welcome to the Halls of mirrors
    thats the last thing before you die you hear
    This is all ebcause of you
    What you got yourself into

    [Psycho Donoxi]
    Ah, it's time to pack up and move to the next town
    But we forgot Mr. Bigot, okay, dig it
    We can't show you an illusion cuz we're all packed
    But I'll still cut ya neck out, hows that?

    [Chorus (4x)]