• My new lady made me a king,
    i share the crown with the wealthy, she is everyones queen,
    she is everyones obsession, though she can be very mean
    just ask the dealers they make her very unclean,
    and my new lady's favorite color is green,

    My new lady is the source of all evil,
    but we all strive for her, us lagit and illegal,
    to many she is there god without an equal,
    and i still get jealos when shes with other people,
    make sure to stay on her good side because she can be lethal,

    My new lady has made me really popular lately,
    though her methods are kind of shady,
    she's given me alot, so what she cant bear my baby,
    but sadly, happiness is not one of the things she gave me,
    she cant really give that... though she did get me a mercedes.