• The world revolves around hope, but it stops for me.
    It keeps me from going forward in life.
    Time passes by me as I sit here and watch everything evolves while I stay the same.
    My heart longs to go with the time and see the world from the living point of view.
    I sit here on top of the sky observing my pure-white wings gade to a dim black.
    Everything is changing around me except for me.
    The only thing changing about me is my heart, but i look the same, am the same age, and everything.
    The clouds are the only thing that stays with me wherever I go. For they keep me from the entire world.
    Nobody can reach me unless they suffer from the same curse that I bear.
    Saving me is out of the question.
    Somebody will have to reach up to my cloud and see into my heart to be able to join me in this place we call the clouds of Heaven.
    Seeing into my heart will cause them a lot of pain for I have not a pure heart but a tainted one from all of the hope I have lost.
    The hope has vanished from me because the only person that can see into my heart and feel nothing but love for me has yet to come and it has been decades since the time I was to be cursed to the loneliness of the clouds.
    For I am a outcast of the other angels.