• To find your light
    You need a key

    To find your key
    You need to look

    Look down in your heart
    And a key will be there

    You will have to walk
    Walk to the coldest
    Place in the world

    You will need to look for a little lit
    That looks like a little star

    And there you will find me in chains
    Chains around me tying me down
    Tying my wings to my body.

    I left my arms
    As my chains wattle

    I touch your chest as I
    Give back your light
    That I carried with me for years.

    As the light goes in you
    My key comes out

    You unlock my chains
    And as I stand
    My wings come out
    And I smile upon you

    I give you a kiss
    Then Fly you back
    To were you came

    I'll never leave your side
    For you gave me my freedom
    And I gave you
    Your light

    I will watch you tell the day your light dies
    Then I shall tack you back with me
    To my cold glommy place
    To were we shall get our light once more

    To live another life
    Upon this earth
    But I will never leave your side
    Till the end of time
    I will watch you.