• It pours over me,
    And I become cold.
    I'm never cold though.
    It is an odd feeling.
    But that's what happens
    When I bleed your thoughts.
    So cold, so morbid.
    I wonder how you make it through each day.

    I'm breaking the silence.
    I'm screaming your lies.
    These peel from my mouth,
    In unconscious cries.
    I'm not aware of my surroundings.
    I'm not certain of my existance.
    But you're smiling.
    And it's real.
    Something that is so sacred,
    And so unfamiliar to me.
    A real smile from you.

    But I know why you're smiling.
    And I'm wondering how I got here.
    This happens to often.
    You're only smiling because of my pain.
    From your failed attempts.
    You miss the target,
    I take the fall.
    Why must this happen?
    My pain for your failure.
    I don't even know you.
    You're not even real.

    But you save me.
    And you heal my scars.
    They cover my body,
    But you heal them
    And nobody knows.
    No one knows the secret within.
    That I am your scapegoat.
    I am your toy.
    But you just abuse me,
    You batter and bruise me.

    I still love you.