• Here's to the pain I hide inside,
    And the tears that were
    Never shed.
    The night's I stayed up wishing
    That there was a way,
    I could save you.
    The day I said
    I love you,
    I just hope you know
    That it was the truth.
    The days that I felt pain;
    Not mine, but yours.
    All the nights I hoped that you felt the same.
    The day I said I hate you,
    For what you had done.
    And the time I forgave us both;
    First me, then you.
    The very first night I cried
    Myself to sleep, because there was no way to help.
    The time I realized
    You could never feel the same about me,
    Because to you I was just a memory.
    But here's to tonight,
    The night that I walked away
    I left you in the back of my mind,
    And said, I may love you
    But your presence will never hurt me
    For it was you who missed out,
    Even though your nothing more to me than an old friend.
    I'll say this for your benefit
    My heart may be broken beyond repair
    Not because I couldn't save you,
    But because of the few years
    That I was away,
    And missed all the good times,
    Before you came to be like this.
    So here's to you,
    This time I will forget...