• Will you take me from the dark?
    Lead my heart into the light?
    Although, such light may cause me to go blind.
    My heart will be our strongest bind.

    Afraid I hide, them deep inside.
    These racing emotions can't be denied.
    My soul is what I offer to you.
    Still mystified as to what you'll do.
    A warmed up heart without a clue.

    Alone I stare up to the night sky.
    The stars they look so high.
    To see a smile on your face I would even die.

    A thought within my mind.
    Those feelings that were fast to find.
    Leads my heart and soul to become intertwined.
    My chest becomes tight.
    Feelings that feel so right.
    Emotions that consume all of my heart's might.

    Will you take this heart into the light?
    To make it pure tonight.
    Free it from the dark?
    With a true love's spark.