• i walk through the dark mist thinking to myself " where am i? what am i doing here?" i had no idea where i was. i wanted to yell help but i new no one was going to hear me because i ran away from my home and my village. i can't go back, even if i wanted to, no one wants me there anymore. no one cares for me there. i thought if i ran away and found a new village i could start a new beginning for myself but now, im lost, i cant find my way out. i try to find food and shelter but all i can find is the ground and the foggy cold mist. i thought i could've survive by myself and travel alone. i new i had to take someone with me but i didnt listen to myself, i thought wrong.
    days pass by and im dying from hunger and lonleyness. i said to myself " i dont wanna die alone.. " i new i was going to die alone in the dark. i new it from the beginning, ever since i was born. when i was born, my mother died and my father was crying. when i got to kindregarden i asked my dad a question " wheres mommY?" he answered "shes up there now watching over us" i ask again " what happened to her" he got angry at me and started to cry like he did when she died. "she died because of you! i hate you! i never wanted you! i hated you ever since you were born and after she died!" he yelled crying at me. i look down at my feet and started to cry too. i ran outside. and thats how i got here. now im alone.
    a week passes by and im dead.
    someone out hunting found me but he was to late to save me. he buried me. but before that he found a tear sliding down from my cheek. he said "rest in peace!" he buried me.
    the tomestone said "little girl died in the forest from hunger and lonleyness."