• Standing there.
    Still like stone.
    Side by side.
    The warmth, oh the warmth.
    She wishes he was there.
    Fighting with her.
    Standing here.
    She's standing.
    But's she's not coming.
    She never will.
    'sit down'
    A hoarse whisper calls.
    In the moonlight.
    Beating on her reachless heart.
    It's bleeding.
    It's gushing.
    It's swirling.
    It's dying.

    It's wrapped.
    Holding it preciously
    He unfolds it.
    With a single touch
    It beats to life.
    Preciously in the right hands.
    It is safe.
    Finally it is safe.

    His voice thundered through nature.
    His touch
    strucked the sky.
    It calls again.
    It's fading.
    Half hearted,
    Grayscaled colors.
    Tearing it apart.

    Spluttering out the soul.
    Graciously flowing into the outside.
    Taking sight at what has been done.
    Falling to the ground.
    In a split second.
    'Save it'
    It hisses this time.
    But yet, it is the most beautiful hiss.

    Save me.