• I would run to the ends of the earth
    just to smile and hold her in my arms.

    I would jump the off the highest cliff
    just to help and save her from harm.

    I would catch the bullet that wavered threats
    and rescue her from Hell's deepest depths.

    Some say it's stupid, some say it's blind,
    but since when has love ever done wrong
    to an Angel up on high singing Love's song,
    keeping the gates open with a musical tongue?

    I have seen the pathetic future,
    and I have recollected the noble past,
    and I would sacrifice everything I had
    just for one more chance.

    For just one shot at being her Knight.
    Her King. Her Prince without plight.

    Let love be my testament,
    as an Angel by God's own hand
    chosen by Christ, I have been sent.