• You may be my family
    You may be my friend
    But that doesn’t mean
    All this can’t end

    I’ve seen what you’ve done
    I’ve seen what you do
    It makes me ask
    Who are you? Who?

    I’ve know you for longer
    Than anyone before
    But you no longer
    Make my heart soar

    Every time I look at you
    I see in your eyes
    All those misleadings
    All those lies

    Was it something I did
    To make you this way?
    I’ve never done wrong
    So what made you grey?

    Was it just meant to be?
    Is this what must be done?
    Just to let you know
    To me, this isn’t the least bit fun

    I doubt you will miss me
    Like you always have before
    I feel this inside me
    Like a never-ending war

    I used to love you
    But now it’s not so
    After all you’ve done
    I just have to say no

    I won’t let you do this
    I have to let you go
    For all that you’ve done
    You’ve given so much woe

    I ask as I leave
    Why did you not try
    To keep us together?
    But I knew you would lie

    You would say that you did
    All that you could
    To keep us together
    I knew you would

    And that’s what you did say
    As I walked out the door
    And I left you to think
    About how you made my heart soar

    About how your love was false
    How it never was true
    How you broke it into pieces
    A break no glue could glue

    You were never the one
    For me to hold tight
    You were never the one
    My shining white knight