• White is just a color, so some say
    But, to me it is something bright
    White is just too plain a thing, so some say
    But, I love to see it in the night

    Like a star, like the wind, like me, like you
    It will live forever even in Armageddon's wake
    Such a beauty, such a wonder, such a sight
    Yes, yes, so very bright

    Can it be described? No.
    But, I have done so anyways
    Why white? I don't know
    I guess it deserves some praise
    Does it really matter, a color I mean?
    Does it really matter, if other people can't see--the beauty that I see?

    Nothing really matters, that much is true
    But the white is like a light in the dark
    I can see it that way; why can't you?

    I know why...I blame the others
    They distract you, they blind you from something so simple with their complexity
    They use you for their own entertainment; they are corrupters

    "But they are so pretty!", that's what you all say
    Too blinded by lust to see what is before you, begging for acceptance
    Too unappreciative, too depressed, too much of everything but awe for the one thing
    that is beautiful

    The snow in the north, always unmoving--its freckled appearance all for naught
    White is just a color, so some say
    But can you think of it in a different way?
    And not let it be lost in shadow
    For the rest of its hallowed days...