• I am a daydreamer
    I am a beleiver
    I make wishes at 11:11
    I am a girl who uses big words
    And I am not ashamed of it
    I cry when I laugh
    I cry even when I'm sad
    I laugh randomly
    At Compleatly inapropriate times
    i am sarcastic
    If you don't like me I won't care
    Don't make assumptions about me you have no idea
    For I am a girl of her own perceptions
    I am serious
    I am funny
    I am a joker
    I am RANDOm!
    you cant catagorize me
    im my own category
    I sing and dance
    i write when im bored
    I hate people who think they know me
    or act like they are my friends
    keep talking about me i dont care
    keep spreading your roumers
    you are pathetic if you think anyone will beleive you
    Keep your comments to yourself
    i am brutally honest
    when you dont want me to be
    keep doing what you do but....
    For I will not succumb to the unjust of teenage life
    Cause your perceptions do not apply to me
    I am simply me
    All I ever want to be