• i lay in my bed, excited "tomarrows christmas!!" i say tring to say awake.
    but i realize the only thing i want i will not get... ()
    i wish i could go back in time to the day i first looked over and saw you... standing with some friends i felt singled out... seeing you.. looking at you and thinking i dont even excist to you... you dont look at me that much only when you know i am looking at you.
    i feel so empty... ()
    but now i have you ... people ask "how go you feel now?"
    to tell them " i am good" but i still feel empty because i know when they ask you are not standing next to me...
    i wake up with nightmares about things and normaly your the one who gets hurt in them... never me...
    when i go back in time i want to run up to you are tell you everything i want to at that excact moment... you, them, me.
    but back to now time i still lay in bed thinking about you and how i should have done this or that
    about how i say "antichrist" in middle of class just to here your responds
    i still cry because when time comes around i wont see you until later and i just know anything could happen to you ... to me ... to use