• the dark abyss, the time of bliss, the ticking of the clock
    the light receding, the moon bleeding, the dark light which mocks

    the time it took, the blood the gook, where has the time gone away
    the love, the hate, the time the gape, from which we were known to stay

    we were once alive, supposed to survive, the long days gone
    the death, the wrath, the wrong path has won

    we fought to the end, the wounds we tried to mend, the love we shared
    nothing living, nothing driving fates could ever compare

    the love, the hate, the pain the gain
    the sun, the moon, their light downpour in rain

    now shining on your grave, the one i was depraved
    the tears downfall, the waves stall, prayers have been prayed

    the light shining down, the time coming round, your eyes shine upon mine
    my love from the grave, arose without deprave, of love and heart of mind

    we've been mended, they lost the apprehended, to love of which uncompared
    love long lost, love of most, its strength have been repaired