• Pudding, the pudding is here.
    pudding hangs from pudding, dear.
    Careful placed the pudding, filled with cheer.
    Its pudding, a night of wonder.
    Yet my pudding is torn asunder.
    The love I lost is in the pudding.
    The pudding we lost is never found.
    I dream of spending these pudding with you.
    I take a walk, pudding filled with dread.
    To that pudding where you lay your head.
    I'll place some pudding, never to be opened.
    And regret all those pudding unspoken.
    Dearest love you pudding uneaten.
    Never again will pudding caress your lips.
    I miss you so, my lost sweet pudding.
    Rest in peace, with the pudding above.
    On Pudding day I'll fake a smile.
    Wile you dwell in my pudding all the wile.
    It breaks my pudding that you will never see.
    Just how much you meant to pudding.
    Its on these pudding I miss you most.
    And though your pudding is cold and dead.
    A pudding in my eyes will always shed.
    Pudding day is drawing near.
    But it's pudding that I hold dear.