• In my blackened robe, a walk alone through this cave of ill omen. Crystals on each side teeth and crown my direction, my distorted reflection shown in their mineral faces. Dark at first but quickly adjusting, my look on like wolf of blood lusting. Behind me they scream, dark creatures of dreams that destroy the sibilant sanity. I quicken my pace as they lay chase, hoping the end is upon me. I prey for the end, the light in the tunnel, for those who follow, my flesh they would swallow. Alas I bright light, The end of my fright. My spirit takes flight, and I burst forth with new might. The nasties they screech, and preach my death but ignorant to my fate they are cursed with my hate.

    Once I have freed from the greed and the lust, the land stands before me like a paradise come. And to that cave, I have yet to go back. After all why would I? It would mean death.