• In the middle of the night,
    Hope shines like a light.
    Childish fears soon disappear into blazing eternity,
    Like fire extinguished.
    Time remembers the tears spent getting to this
    Blissful state of mind,
    This light, giddy feeling of serenity and grace.
    Night soon fades into day,
    As the sun's caressing rays bathe you in love and smiles,
    Like a blanket wrapped around a cold, lonely child.
    The dead are raised to life
    And second chances are given to those that
    Hath not strayed from the hope that now makes them whole.
    Hope is like a light that the dark cannot
    Cover up, nor extinguish.
    Hope, your eternal savior, like the Lord is to Christians.
    It is our hope that reminds the weak and weary of a brighter tomorrow.
    This is hope.
    Yours, Mine, and Ours.
    Hope, our light.