• what hapend to uhs
    we were so right
    too bad we had so manyy fights
    so now all i see in us is dust

    wen i shed a tear
    all the memories of you come bak
    buh why so my dear ?
    i thought we were on the right track
    who knew this fairytale better than you nd i
    buh now, where's the happily evr after ?
    i guess iht was all juss a lie
    mayb evn our laughters

    cuz now i dnt kno wats true
    why did this hav to happen
    all these tears juss because of you
    my heart did open
    juss once for you too see
    iht was a good idea
    well, until one day yu were unhappy
    nd then we had a big a** delimma

    So you left
    nd i cryed
    because of tht
    everythin had dried
    nd our story ended, buh still i caree
    too bad it wasnt juss a stupid nightmare ....