• i hate it
    i hate the darkness within my heart
    it makes me with fellings of death
    and i want to caarry it out
    but half of my heart says not to
    i hate the way it makes me feel
    for i want death to be upon me
    but the light tells me not to
    i want to rip out my heart
    and just break the darkness a way
    for every blood dip or stained streak of spill will helpfor a while
    but my attempts of relax with my blood spill
    leaves me to a shattered heart
    i hate the darkness within myself
    for alot happens but no cry of sorrow rains from my eyes but only drizzels
    i have no feeling except hate and anger
    i hate myself for that and i want my death upon myself
    but it only brings me dispear and i try to rid the darkness but they are failed attempts
    but only the light can disperse the darkness within myself and i hope it comes soon
    before my death arrives
    for i am the blackrose
    i am my own death