• Colliding cold,
    It hits her cheeks.
    No rush of chill,
    She's used to his spasms.
    She knows he knows no stress,
    Her skin no longer crawls,
    Even with thoughts run wild.
    She knows he stopped caring,
    Though she still longs for a warm touch.
    A once fragile angel,
    Instantly turned concrete by rough hands.
    Touching wherever they please,
    She closes her eyes,
    Clears her mind, unable to fight back,
    As she waits for him to finish,
    So he can leave her a wreck,
    Making a scene as he goes.
    Nothing can slip past her encrypted eyes.
    She used to want to cry out,
    Used to want someone to know.
    For someone not to judge, but hold her,
    To soothe her and be able to tell without asking.
    She used to, but not now.
    Her heart can't hold emotion.
    Eyes still with silver lining.
    She can't move away or struggle.
    She's been chained by fate,
    A concrete angel lifeless yet breathing.