• im stiil upset
    and caught up in my own distress
    the pain and the hurt
    are all trapped inside
    what cant be seen
    i tend to hide
    no wonder
    nobody knows
    whats happening inside
    the tears are a waist of my time
    and they only make other people cry
    and they hurt inside
    as if they really care
    but in reality they dont
    because in the end
    they push you aside
    another wound in your heart
    takes place
    nobody understands how much pain
    its feeling inside
    and thats why im such
    a cold person inside
    because im tired of being left behind
    so i hate everyone inside
    for the moment im happy
    because i know im not alone
    but when my feelings explode
    i know ill be alone
    somebody help me
    i dont wanna feel this way
    please take it all away
    but no one even cares
    ill just take alot of pills
    i know i will
    but will it be worth it
    it wont even take the pain away
    its just my excuse
    to take my life away
    somebody help me
    before i take my life away