• I saw a person reading a poem under the tree
    And I’m trying to think who could it be
    He looks so sad and undefined,
    How can I near to make him fine.

    He crumpled the paper and throw it away
    While the wind blow and make the tree sway
    The leaves fall on the person’s back,
    And sudden see his tears fall because of badluck.

    I tap the person’s back to gaze,
    But I was in shock and amaze
    Because I’m facing my own face in vain,
    Through his eyes I vision the pain.

    I get the paper in my pocket
    As fast as a rocket,
    There I read the letter,
    That may make’s my mind better.

    It’s says:

    “It is not the end of the challenge,
    It is the beginning to be managed.
    Don’t give up on everything,
    If your everything is your happiness.”

    Now I understand all when I woke up,
    I thought it is only my illusion to cheer me up
    And thinking if I could scream,
    Then I realize it’s only a dream.