• Right at that moment i stoped and frezzed
    Applying one of my hand on my head
    Dosent this get any better i thought
    I couldent belive my eyes
    Out at that moment i saw my dad since 5 years

    Activlely i went running to him
    Cries of joy came to my eyes
    Trying to give him a hug he grabed me and hugged me tight
    I missed you he told me
    Very much i missed you too!
    Even though its been 5 years i give you this a beautiful dimond ring!

    Couldent belive my eyes
    Outragously i hugged him tight
    Out at that moment he cried and i said "i love you"
    Kindly i said "its been so many years!"
    I know i missed you and your mother"
    Every day now i think of him
    Sadly waiting for him to come back