• The clouds have come, and they have filled the air.
    The mystery gone, everyone is there.
    The corpse filled fields, spread everywhere.
    But does the leader care?
    The rain crashed down, children cried.
    Mommy and Daddy no longer live.
    A child runs, clutches its doll close.
    Its reason to live has disappeared.
    The rain continues crashing down, the blood of innocents cry.
    Lives ruined, many scarred.
    But do the leaders even shed a tear?
    Blood washes down the steps of destiny.
    Stains the walls of honor.
    This is not why we live, yet we fight anyway?
    This is the only way, or so people say.
    But why do we kill?
    Why do we fight?
    Yes one day we will die, but till then there should be life!
    Children come of age, get sent out to die grasping on the lies of a new life.
    We are not meant to be this way, we are meant to live.
    Yet again and again, we cry, didn't we predict this though?
    So come together, stop the rain of blood,
    Stop it all before we go extinct, absorbed by grief and pain.
    Stop the warring, Stop the death, Stop believing more death brings peace.
    Just listen to the rain, and you will know that it is not true.
    So stop it all, and maybe, maybe, you shall see the truth.