• Wait

    Listen to your heart beat faster
    And watch who you love slip away
    Wait for hours on end waiting for their call
    Until your hopes fade away

    Feel your hands shaking
    And wait for them to get colder
    Breathe in deeply and stare at the sky
    Then just wait and watch as the clouds go by

    Wait for the sun to set
    And then wait for the moon to rise
    Let the tears build up inside your eyes
    And watch your soul to slip away into a world of grey

    You wait to see their face
    Even though you know you won’t
    You think you feel their warmth around you
    But you know that they are not there

    You know they’re gone
    But you wait anyway
    You stand outside
    Waiting in the pouring rain

    You stand still as stone where you first met
    Where you first held hands
    Where you first kissed
    Where all your “Firsts” were is where you waited and waited

    You let all the good pass by
    You wait for your heart to mend
    You don’t and won’t let go
    And then you just wait and wait and wait for your heart to break