• As Winter is invading all of land
    And its barely even starting to snow
    All the moms are at Wal-mart looking for gifts
    And even chocolate cocoa

    But one mom is not out looking for gifts
    Or buying some cocoa so sweet
    She is working all day
    Sad to say
    And when she is home she is beat

    Not as in hit
    Not as in hurt
    as in tired and lonely and scared
    because her children shall have no presents this year
    but she has told them
    life isnt fair

    But its not because she wants them to be sad
    or wants them to be failed
    it is because this mother is smart
    and uses all her money to pay bills

    But the children still believe in santa claus
    because he has not failed them not one year
    so the children have no reason
    not one little reason
    no reason at all to fear

    so santa granted the mother one wish that year
    and the wish was to never be poor
    so they lived happily ever after
    thats the end of this chapter
    I hope you come back for more