• I've spent my whole life
    Listening to a love song.
    I thought I knew what they were,
    But I sure was wrong.

    I knew that my legs
    Would go weak at the knees
    I knew that my heart
    Would flutter and freeze.

    I figured my eyes
    Would never leave yours
    I knew there would be no one
    I'd rather adore.

    But I didn't know
    How it really would feel
    To gaze in your eyes
    Let my wounded heart heal.

    My mind's always on you,
    My heart never quits
    Pounding away
    Like a brick wall I'm hit.

    I can't really describe
    How I feel my heart shine
    When my eyes meet yours,
    Or your eyes meet mine.

    I could talk on for ages
    About you and not find
    A fault I could name
    Then you'd fill up my mind.

    I'd find that it's full
    Of love and devotion
    It wouldn't take long
    For my heart to take motion.

    Again and again
    I feel myself swell
    With joy when you smile
    And say you know me so well.

    But do you know how
    Much I care for you.
    Not a crush dear--
    But love that's all true.

    Please realize the truth,
    It's as real as the moon.
    It doesn't have to be now...
    But please, love me soon.