• As I look apon the sea,I see a beautiful dove.
    So beautiful it made me cry...thats when it happened
    when I asleep I heard a tap on the window of the ship
    there stood a handsome man dressed in white so angelic it looked as if he had a halo and wings...could this be my dream guy i thought in my head.
    it sure was the next day i see the same dove this time it had something around its neck the looked like a tied up paper in a tiny tube
    the dove came swoshing down and delived the letter as i read it it said

    ~for as long as i am angelic you will be apart of me forever and ever in my life as i was swaped as a bird this changed my life and now i want to change yours to,will you be my next angelic dove????~

    i couldent resist to be something so beautiful and thats when something bad had happened once i read the letter the dove was not there as i look on the ground of the ship there i let out a cry, the dove had been killed.NOOOOOOOOO
    i cried this cannot be for i love this dove as this was carried on around the ship two sailors see me cry up above "why are you crying up for a bird eh???"they both laughed as if i was jokeing this is not funny guys this was my future and it would never be....
    i let a poem out soft

    ~forever ill love you and i wanted to be just like you so i can fly away up above with you i cant for as i see you now it would never be a future~

    once i said those words something magical happened the dove had tured into a human once again with his halo and wings and said `lets fly away`the two sailors were gasping and fainted i grabed his hand and said ~lets fly away~