• I had to say no

    I ... I had to say no
    As much as I wanted to
    Do you know how hard it was for me to say No to you
    As much as I would have loved to start something again
    I had to say no
    It wouldnt have been right
    We both know that
    Don't we

    As much as I would be totally fine with doing so again anyways
    I would feel bad in a sinces
    You mit as well
    But hey
    I would have done it anyways

    You tryed to start something
    I would have gone alot with it if you tryed harder you know
    I even tryed alittle at it
    You just better at starting it
    I am just the follower I guess

    But to be truthful
    I think I would be happyer right now
    If I had said yes
    True we would reaget it later
    Just like before

    But I know it's for the better I said no
    As much as i truelly wanted to say yes
    God why did I say no to the three askings

    Would I really be happer if I had said yes
    Why do I reget saying no
    When I know it would have been wrong to say yes

    By Hell Dooms