• Glued

    this heart was once whole
    having no limitations
    no outside convictions
    keeping a purity
    a inward glow flowed from its arteries
    then it’s given away to a person who had no business of so
    its smashed with a hammer
    stabbed with a dagger
    blood flowing from its wounds
    the heart finally gets away
    glue fills the holes
    it seeps through
    but doesn’t heal a thing
    time goes on
    this heart has seen a lot
    unspoken memories
    sudden devastation
    and unseemly joy
    the glue starts to chip
    fall to the ground
    and the heart is left
    the blood has stopped
    but now it knows things
    no longer will it be plopped around like some toy
    it will live on
    escape those pains of the past
    and make the joy last
    until the day where it can be whole again...

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