• *Slowly*


    Life through thick and thin!
    I start thinkin' again and again!
    When and ho-ow will I die...

    It's the question that cannot be soooolved!

    Why O why! (why!why!why!)
    I lay there thinking, what is to happen...
    I wo-rry myself to sleep at night,
    knowing that I could die any se-econd...

    He knows what its like to se-e hell...

    Why O Whhy
    Can't I learn the most horrible secret of aaaalll!?!? (Why O Why?)
    I sit there on the park bench...
    And my best friend comes up to me,

    He's the only that understands him...

    He says to me,
    "You can't live in fear,
    You gotta make the most of life."
    Slo-owly I awa-aken,
    To the tru-ue meaning of life,

    His worrying is overrr!


    I finally realize (he finally realizes)
    That life is way to short waste! (Way to short to waste!)
    I gotta live it to the fullest! (To the fullest!)

    Life is the greatest treasure of aalllll!!!

    And now I know,
    not to worry all the time!
    I gotta spend time with those I love!
    And make friends with the ones I don't!
    Cause you only get one life...
    And I Don't Plan On Wasting Mine!