• all my lonely life..
    all my lonely life i had no one to take my hand and tell me it will be ok..
    with so much trouble coming down on my lonley self i could not fight alone...
    i stood up strong..
    and said i wont runaway!
    im stronger then my troubles
    im strong to pull through alone!
    i can do it on my own...
    i can try to do it on my own...
    you will call me names and say im dirt!
    i will march with pride and say i am dirt but i am flying with the wind and will land where the wind takes mi high or low...
    its one trouble but i can make it
    i know while i am flying with the wind i will find someone to hold my hand and take me to be strong as them and we will stand together..
    and when i fall i wont runaway because i am not afraid!