• The sun had finally bowed down to reveal the majestic moon,
    giving our last night the perfect setting for love,
    you looked into my eyes,
    and for the first time I saw tears glisten and fall from your cheeks,
    All the strength was drained from your body as you collapsed into my arms,
    but somehow I still viewed you as a god,
    as one who's strength could make Hercules fall back in terror,
    You pulled me down to the ground,
    and held my face in the weakest embrace,
    and pulled me closer to give one last kiss.
    The kiss of a god turned into the kiss of death,
    as you slipped some of your shared poison into my mouth,
    we laid there arms wrapped around each other,
    as we died under our romantic moon,
    giving up on the foolish game of life.
    wow....this one really sucked monkey nutz XD