• I don’t want
    To watch myself die
    I don’t want
    To see the pain in my eyes
    As I look into the mirror
    What so I see?
    Could the image be any clearer
    Is this man really me
    In this life I’ve done some wicked things
    Stolen hearts with petty rings
    But I never felt so wrong before
    This pain it leaves me wanting more
    I am the man
    Without nothing to lose
    I’ll make my stand
    While I wear no shoes
    Everyone hates a man on the street
    When he has nothing to wear, nothing to eat
    But I don’t care what they say
    Cause I’m the one
    That’s like molded clay
    Out in the sun
    And my porcelain heart
    Has broke too many times
    I’m about to start
    Going out of my mind