• Bumps and bangs in the night
    make you wake up with a fright.
    You sit up straight and gaze around
    and try to ignore all the spooky sounds.
    You close you eyes and count to ten
    hoping its just one of those dreams again.
    You open your eyes and look around
    to see dark shadows on the ground.
    You say there not there and not real
    but this is not how you truley feel.
    The terror takes away your voice
    leaving you with only one clear choice.
    To grab your covers and hide away
    until the sun rises in the day.
    But if this is all you do
    then really who are you?
    Because what if those shadows and sounds
    will always be around?
    What if they are here to stay?
    until you fight back some day.
    So get ready to become very brave
    or you might end up being sent to your grave.
    But when this battle is finally won
    you'll know your duty is finally done.
    For some people this battle rages on
    until they decide to act upon
    The courage and bravery in the heart
    and finally do their true part.