• my life flashes in front of me
    and all i see is pain and suffering
    till a little storie of part of my life
    pops in front of me
    its the time i was happy
    when my family loved me
    excepted me
    but now as i look at it i feel disgusted
    i look from then to now
    i am a black sheep of the white herd
    was ever since i was little
    they hate me
    and i hate them
    they tore me down
    they hurt me
    till i learned how to turn numb
    to feel nothing
    they try to get pass my sheld
    try to hurt me more
    but all they did was give me a reason
    to hate them more
    till i saw you
    you tore my shield down
    i was scared
    i felt vunarable
    i cringed away from your touch
    i try to ignore you when you talk
    but inside i was panicking
    wishing that i had my shield to keep you away
    for once in a long time i felt happy
    my family noticed
    and banished him away
    i cried and cried all night wishing u where here
    when i heard a tap in the window
    and found him standing outside
    hold his arms out with a smile in his face
    then at that moment
    i knew
    iknew i wanted to live with him forever